wat? water also want to increase price? it is said that our water usage is double of singapore…so wat..this is reasonable wat…coz we are more than twice bigger than their country. And…it is said also that our water usage is 5x of UK. I think for country like them…always cool…no hot sun…shouldn’t they use less water? But in our country…the sun appears everyday and makes us sweat a lot! for me i at least shower twice a day. But somehow i believe there are still some culprit that waste a lot of water ….stealing water…..and so on…

Sometimes when we passed by some roads or streets…there are leakage of water from the ground…and it was not bothered for some period of time before it get fixed. WHos fault ?

And talking about water…have u ever bough a new house and the first month bill for the water is around 80 bucks? In housing area..who will use the water until 80 bucks..this is crazy…! i have a fren whereby he bough a new house and asked some people to do some renovations…these bloody renovation ppl is very unresponsible…they accidently damage the pipe and cause a small hole on it…they ignore it and use cover it back using the cement…so unresponsible..

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