PJ Half Marathon

Today i went for half marathon at PJ and the time taken to complete i think is around 50-60 minutes if i am not mistaken. Before the marathon starts…just 10 minutes before the event starts…my stamoch begin to call…..nature call!!! Quickly rushed to toilet and was in business for around 8 minutes i guess then rushed back to starting line again. Luckily they haven’t start. Just few minutes later, the marathon started. This is the second time i joined marathon and this time it rains in the middle of the event. Got no choice….have to continue running …. the rains only last for around 15 minutes. Now …both my legs are so tired….anyhow it was quite fun participating in this half marathon. At least i burned some fats…hahah

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  1. zbjernak says:

    sometime is fun to run and sweat

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