My food is stolen!

I doesn’t know who did this but i am really mad about it! I just bought cheese sausage to be added to some of my meals but somehow yesterday i found out that it was no longer there. Damm! I wonder who is the person which is so unresponsible and unrespecful! When i asked, everyone say they never see it or never eat it. I really don’t know who is the culprit. So nowdays if i were to buy something…i have to think twice. Coz somehow the things that belong to you will just dissappear! I think is time for me to find a better place, a place which such disturbance won’t happen. Just give me a break!

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  1. dreamchaser says:

    come and stay witb me lah… i promise i won’t steal your food… got one empty room…

  2. Guraisonu says:

    hahahah..what is your rental like ?
    but your parking there damm jia lat ler…

  3. zbjernak says:

    no problem if people eat

    but then eat liao no want to admit
    my god…wht so embarassed to admit leh? just say “i ate it…sorry..”

    i bet u wont scold them….

    but u sure not inside ur bag, or anyway?
    check properly or not?

  4. Guraisonu says:

    i checked already…how would i put the hotdog in my bag..must be in the fridge ler…if they admit ..sure i wont scold them…but somehow some type of people is just too selfish and like to take advantage of other people’s stuff..this is just too sad…
    maybe someone should told me ..that the ants have eaten it….then i should feel better..

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