Spam calls +85219890037

Received this call this morning, I am so blurred that I pickup this call and a china lady start talking in mandarin asking if can do some survey.

1st question – Have you visited gym before?

2nd question – Have you used aromatherapy oil before?

Then I ask her what is all this for? She just says that they are expending some business from Malaysia to Singapore so the survey will eventually help. I told her that I don’t have time for this as I am busy, she then started to sound irritated saying that ‘I know you are busy…bla bla bla ‘

Next, I hung up the phone.

Internet is such a good place to get information. I goggled this number and found the answer. A lot of people are getting called from this number and many had said it is a spam. Some even says that they will tap on your number to make oversea calls where the bill goes to you. I hope this is not the case.

Any spam police out there? Go get this people !!!

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  1. Zak says:

    I’m Starhub user in SG, got a call today 13 June 2012 from same number +852 19890037 and googled for the number, it seems it has been going on from 2010 onwards. It is a HK number. Thanks to you Gray Sontag for documenting this.

    1. James says:

      I’m an M1 user and I just received a call on the 15th of June 2012. Spammers.

      1. grayson says:

        Looks like this thing still going round and round

  2. Nao says:

    I had strange int’l call and this number is one of them, very irritating… Thank you very much for all to provided the information. Best thing to do is just ignore if I got call again.

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