Samsung Recovery Solution 4 issues

I finally rescued back my samsung notebook. Earlier i tried to make my computer dual boot, XP and Win7 but i failed and my samsung recovery solution program doesn’t worked anymore. It still does load the SRS4 program but it gives error saying that x:\WinClon\Manager1.exe is not found. But when i use partition manager ( Mini tool Partition Wizard), i still can see that the files are still there. I don’t understand why it can’t load it still.

In panic mode and tried to search the web for solution. Found this forum called Sammy and it looks like there is couple of people facing the same problem or worse. Followed their guide and advices and it doesn’t work at all, i just wonder how they succeed. Posted some comments and emails but there is no answer at all. They say by loading SRS4 Admin tool to USB pen drive and make it as bootable will solve the problem. Trying and trying for few days yet it still doesn’t work coz the files doesn’t do anything at boot. Even i made it to boot into dos, it says the file is only can be executed in windows. Faint !

Luckily my brother in law bought the same unit as mine and i notice that the partition type is actually different from mine. I noticed that the partition type should be 0 x 027 instead of 0 x 02. And once i changed it to 0 x 027, it just worked as it should be. How easy is that ! So i guess installing winXP will actually change the partition type during the installation.

Anyway, it works perfectly fine now and i am having dual boot !!! yeah !

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  1. Marco Cantu says:

    Hi, I have problems with my Samsung R530 Recovery Partition. After my mistake was the Acronis, i installed this software and windows cannot boot any more and when i press F4 for recovery, it’s says : Recovery Partition not found. I make a image of my disk and i have the partition i try to remake the partition but i still can not boot from the recovery… i try this but i and guess it works but can not boot from the partition that i make. thanks.

    1. if you had alter the recovery partition by formatting it, then it is gone forever, try get the partition contents from other samsung user and create the partition again with the correct partition type..hope this helps

  2. Holger says:

    Thank you – that is the solution I’ve searched for.

    The correct partition type is 0x27 (NTFS recovery partition).
    After changing 0x02 to 0x27 I was able to create a backup using the Samsung Recovery Solution 2.

    I’ve used the Partition Table Editor 8 from Hiren’s BootCD ( to easily change that value.

  3. Smakodak says:

    Thanks. Did as suggested and I’m back in recovery:)

  4. Gonz says:

    well, im having a problem here.. damn! my hard disk is dynamic so i cant choose many of the options, these seems to be unselectable. I dont know if you had this problem too, but if so, I would appreciate an answer. Thanks for your post, its the only place on the internet where i found the solution for this error. Sorry for my english, isnt my native language.

    1. Gonz says:

      Sorry, forgot to mention the important part of my comment, i cant choose “Change partition Type ID”, I cant even see the recovery partition from MiniTool Partition Wizard 7.5, I mean i can see it from other programs.

    2. grayson says: using miniTool partition should able to select and change it. Perhaps you want to try other Partition Freeware? If earlier you deleted your recovery partition..then u are doomed.

  5. Gonz says:

    This is strange, i changed the id with partition table editor, and now windows dont boot, it crashes when loading winws, blue screen, now im trying to use hiren boot diskgenius and change system identifier i guess its same type id because it had the number 27, but when i try to use srs4 it keeps telling me that it cant find winclon blahblah, i dont know what else can i do…

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