Reflections of year 2015

Bye 2015

It had been a challenging year of 2015. I would like to take this moment to reflect on year 2015 while stepping towards 2016.

My little Monster

He has become so cheeky, playful and talkative! I enjoyed every moment spend with him. He is like my reflection, whatever I said before, he absorbed. He always likes to play mobile phone especially during meal time. So I reminded him is not good to keep playing on the phone while having his meal. There was once I tried to check my email during dinner and he suddenly told me off by reminding me not to play mobile phone while eating. I was like being slapped right into the face and I quickly keep my phone off the table. Lesson learned!

Of course, there are naughty times as well but I guess this is the learning curve of a child. We do a lot of silly stuff together and this makes me smile every time I looked at our photos taken together.

Got myself new gadget- Fitbit Surge

I love gadget, if anyone want to buy me anything for any reason, buy me GADGET! So far so good, the device comes with steps tracker, sleep monitoring, stairs tracker, heart rate monitor, touch screen and GPS tracking. It can even sync with hand phone to notify any incoming message or call. Another good feature is the watch will light up when you look at it by monitoring the hand movement, saving the battery when you are not looking at it. Cool stuff and good stuff!

Image from

I am using this device on daily basis to monitor my fitness. By setting a minimum of 10,000 steps a day motivates me to go further. During running, I can monitor my heart rate to make sure I stay within my limit. Train smarter, go father!

It will sync automatically every day and achievement summary will be shown in the dashboard.

Once I hit certain distance, it will award me with badges like below comparing to actual facts. Nice!

One down site of this sport watch is the strap issue. It attracts dirt and makes sweat on contact as it doesn’t have much breathable holes on the strap like Garmin. After a week of wearing this, I got rashes on the skin but it will go away if I don’t wear it. Google it and found that this is a common issue for many of the Fitbit Surge user. Anyway, found a solution online by cleaning it with alcohol swabs every day after use. No more rashes now, yeah!

Single achievement I most proud of

A training automation solution by using animated video

I was given a task to train all employees in my company in different sessions. If I am going to repeat every same thing for 20-30 times for large group of people, it will be a suicide mission! I decided to use a different approach of training by creating a fun training video. And with this video, I can save my voice by playing the movie for all my training sessions. Instead of usual boring talking training session, it is like “Movie Time” for the employee. I am glad it went well, special thanks to PowToon for having such great tool for creating this animated video.

PowToon is a free tool to create animation and publish it on YouTube. It is a very easy tool to create COOL animated video for all purpose. Free version can’t be downloaded and there will be watermark. But after you done with your video and you feel like downloading it, you can always go for paid version.

Help and get helped

Car Accident

There was a day when my friend’s car involved in an accident and I try to help by driving him to the police station following the tow truck. Upon arriving at the police station, the same tow truck that towed his car, accidently bang into my car when reversing his truck. Tough luck!

This was the damage.

And lucky enough, my friend’s dad open a car workshop. All fixed at zero cost! So happy! So thankful!

Completed SCM 2015 – 21km

So far I never failed to participate in Standard Chartered Marathon. This is my fifth year running and I still love it. This year performance was not good compared to last year as I was down with horrible flu and cough. The important thing, I get through it! Just keep running!

Sekinchan Paddy Field Trip

Went to Sekinchan and stay at cargo container!

Imagine staying a night in cargo like accommodation.

This is something really cool and different from any other accommodation ever stayed. However, during the day time when the sun is strong, you wouldn’t want to stay in here. Is like hot OVEN! Even with the air conditioner.

AVANI Resort at Sepang

Went for a short holiday at this water chalet resort. It has a good view during the morning where the sea are still blue, during the rest of the time, the water are so muddy. Good for a short trip.


First time in India

Visited India for the first time for work and it was not that bad as described by other people. First time ever, I got a surprise birthday cake on my flight to India, so happy!

The food was good, sometimes it was a bit spicy but it was worth trying it.

Well, that’s about me in 2015. It had been an amazing year with up and down. Let’s welcome 2016! A better year with exciting journey!

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