Web Hosting Tips

Just to share some tips for newbie that wanted to create their own websites. I used to do heavily blogging via blogspot.com and the trend slowly changed. Everyone wants to have their own blog with their own personalised domain. Same with me, I started to source for web hosting. I guess everyone will do the same, open up google and search ‘cheap hosting’. Google is a powerful too, it gives you all available web hosting available in the market. Compare one after another to make my decision. There are even a lot website provide review and comparisons giving you the top 10 web hosting. Believe me, most of it are paid to make such review, they earn referral fees when you sign up through their website.

It takes some time and there are many tiny little things you won’t be aware when you make the decision to ‘SIGN UP” for the hosting plan.

I remembered I signed up for a web hosting plan which I think the BEST. Pre-SALES customer support was excellent, however, I later suffered from frequent downtime, bad customer support and most of the time there are limitation if you want to install any new application. They will start telling you that you need to subscribe to higher plan which include these and that. There were occasion that my files was missing from the server! You will get very frustrated and nothing much you can do about it. Move on, find another web hosting provider.

If you have few domain/website to be hosted, a solution is to get a multiple domain package; it is cheaper and more manageable.

I came across this reliable web hosting which not much review provided on the web. Few points that get me to BUY IN were their package where you can host 5 domains with unlimited storage size. They don’t use normal CPANEL, instead they use Advanced Control Panel called Hepsia. I can add new domain anytime and remove them as I wanted.

Customer service was good and prompt, I had been using them since 2012 and I am still a happy customer. There was once when I have some problem installing ecommerce application and they took the initiative to see where the problem was. I am happy!

Feature wise, you can define the PHP version yourself, upgrade your plan, define your DNS and many more. There is also Application Installer available, very user friendly; you can install your WordPress in few clicks.

It also gives you some analytics on your website by providing statistics of # of visits, where visitor coming from, number of hits to your website etc.

If you are looking into doing reseller business for web hosting, this is a good model as well. You can resell and earn money.

Happy exploring!