Standard Chartered Marathon 2015

Standard Chartered Marathon 2015

This is my fifth year joining SCM and I was aiming for 2:15 for the half marathon (21KM). As always, there are always ‘Opps’ where unexpected event pops up, I was sick, down with flu and cough for few weeks, recovered and then again down for another few weeks. Not giving up, I continue to run on the race day.

On my first year of running, many friends turned up together and it was fun. However, slowly each of them decided not to run due to whatsoever reason, this year I go alone. I don’t mind as I enjoy running, gives me freedom of mind. I love it.

Flagged off! 6.30am, the first waves ran! I was on the second waves which flagged off around 6.45am. Started the run and everyone busy overtake each other in the crowded space. Some fall down and some busy taking selfie as well.

I continue my run at steady pace and it was ok, just some mucus disturbing my air way which I had to endure till completion. Noticed that the running path had been adjusted, some slight difference compared to last year. After a while, I reached Universal Studio theme park. It was fun. The first character I saw was the Puss in Boots, follow by Minions, Madagascar etc. As usual, people are queuing up to take photos! My first 10km was good; I did it in 1h3m.

After running till 16km, my leg almost gave up. Wrong strategy, I drank too much and too fast of cold 100plus at a time causing body cool down thus cramp start kicking in on my calf, I can feel the beat on the leg. Trying to do some stretching hoping it will not fully kick in. It helps, but I struggled till I reached the finishing line! Passed the finishing line at 2h:36m, about 10 minutes slower compared to last year. Not giving up! I will still aim 2h15m for my next run!

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