Travel: India – Chennai


For some reason, I was required to travel to India. I heard a lot stories on how terrible and ugly it can turn out to travel to India. First, you can’t drink the local waters, drink only from trusted bottled mineral water or you run into risk bombing the toilet aka LAU SAI aka Diarrhoea. Some even say the hotel tap water can’t be trusted, you will still LAU SAI if you brush teeth using their direct tap water.

Well, I made my first trip to Chennai on October ON my birthday. How coincidence!

To be honest, the overall experience wasn’t that bad. There were no smell in the plane, the hotel was super awesome and the food is tasty as well.

I checked-in to ITC Grand Chola Hotel Chennai. It looks like a palace more than a hotel. If I ever need to go India again, this will be the hotel I want to stay.

This is the main lobby


Swimming pool area


1st level lobby


Managed to spend some time to visit ancient temple which believed to be more than 200 years old.

Paid 250 rupees for entrance which is about SGD5


This is their local university


Great place, AMAZING india.