Home Automation ideas


Have you ever been in a situation where you need to be away from your home and you doesn’t want outsider know that you are not in the house? For security purpose, some people installed switch timer so that the lights can be turned on/off at scheduled time everyday. For prolong period, somebody will figure out the pattern and for that, it won’t be good anymore.

I am a tech person and i need something more than that. Googled and found this WIFI switch controller. This switch will only work if you pair it with a universal router which can remotely control this WIFI switch. Very easy to install and it will work via your 3G handphone where you can remotely control your home lights when you are not at home. Tested and it works perfectly fine. This router can even control your air-conditioner, tv etc which i am yet to test it out. Will check it out soon!


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