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  • Longwinded

    Have you ever feel the POWER of longwinded? Once in a while I will get harassed by the power of longwinded. Once it gets started, it just can’t stop and it is really hard to stop it. You will never know how. Is like question such as “If your mother and your wife fell into […]

  • Life
  • Dentist Visit in Singapore

    Lately I had a visit to a local dentist here and of course, first thing to do is to ask the nurse how much it would cost. She just told me it would be around $50 and above saying that it depends on conditions. Ok, fine and I made an appointment. I just wanted to […]

  • IT
  • Bricked my Android

    Due to my galaxy S is getting slower and slower, I decided to update the firmware and erase everything in the phone to make it start all over again. Few months back, I managed to update the firmware to Android 2.2 but I didn’t format the phone, so the existing stuff still there. Hence the […]