• IT
  • Samsung Recovery Solution 4 issues

    I finally rescued back my samsung notebook. Earlier i tried to make my computer dual boot, XP and Win7 but i failed and my samsung recovery solution program doesn’t worked anymore. It still does load the SRS4 program but it gives error saying that x:\WinClon\Manager1.exe is not found. But when i use partition manager ( […]

  • Life
  • After a while….

    After a while here…i guess i am settling down. Life goes as usual, good and bad comes sometimes. After few months struggling hunting new jobs, i am feeling so tired now. Some of the company asked for 3 round of interview but then told me they got someone else. Total waste of my time. Some […]

  • Life
  • Spooky Night @ Sentosa

    On the Halloween night, i paid $35 to be scared. Well, not a bad experience, i can see ghost from different different countries. This are their spooky entrance Sexy ghost…i offered myself to be strangled..haha Chinese Vampires I don’t know what is this Korean Ghost… i took her picture from far and she saw it, then […]