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  • Rain rain rain….

    It’s been raining quite often here lately. First time i really kena Kau Kau…60% wet…my pants…socks…sleeves…when it come to 2nd time…i tot i were prepared but the rain is even stronger. I prepared big umbrella, fold my pants and put on slippers for the battle but at the end i am half wet as well. […]

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  • Samsung Galaxy

    I got myself a new toy! Let me present you the latest Samsung galaxy…the brightest phone ever…super AMOLED screen!! The best thing is it got a wider screen and yet much slimmer than iphone. This is an Android based system with 1GHz processor which ensure super fast response. Its really true..the screen is so smooth […]

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  • Backpack bag hunt

    It is very incovenient without a backpack bag especially in singapore….as walking is the main transportation you going to use most of the time. I had been hunting for bag…and finally i got this from jurong point traveller store…20% discount!!! huhu! This bag come togather with rain coat…but not for human use…. Posted from WordPress […]

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  • Shopping shopping & shopping

    This is one of the big shopping mall which have most of the thing you need. Since i came here…i had done a lot of shopping…is like everyday…damn…sounds like shopperholic. Nah…is just that i need to feed in the missing stuff i don’t have here. First thing is to get new handphone and service provider…and […]