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  • Feedback from maxis

    As promised, they called me the next day. The manager Ms.Mary called me saying that they tried their best to get my money returned but it can only be done on next monday. Well, at least they did something and i feel that it is reasonable and fair enough. So i accepted their solution and […]

  • Complaining
  • I am very TULAN

    Today i was expecting maxis to reverse back the wrongly charged amount of RM4000 to my credit card but to my disappointment, they didn’t do anything yet. Today i made many calls since morning and they kept on telling me that they will call me back on this issue while they do their checking or […]

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  • New Broadband

    Today i registered a new broadband package from maxis. Looks attractive, wireless modem where i can connect everywhere if there is coverage and it only cost me RM68 per month for a 384KB/sec speed. So this afternoon, those agents came to my house and delivered the modem. Happy happy happy! It comes together with a […]