• Movie
  • A nice romance story

    Yesterday after a tiring working day, i turned on the tv and it was showing this movie called “The Notebook”. Is a very romantic and touching story. Like it very much. http://www.thenotebookmovie.com/ The NotebookWednesday, July 18, 2007 on 8tv A young woman comes to the coastal town of Seabrook, North Carolina in the 1940’s to […]

  • Internet
  • Tagged message

    This morning i open my mailbox and saw someone send me a message via TAGGED website. Lots of friend of mine signed up and asking me to sign up too. I did sign up but never really go through it, just a simple profile without descriptions. I just wonder..who the hell is that. Then when […]

  • Life
  • College at Perak

    Yesterday i went to a gov. college in Perak to bring my sister back to her hostel. It was so far! Very tired driving. I heard many stories and i can tell that it is not easy to survive there. Her room mates are terrible, disturbing and does not respect people’s belongings. I can feel […]

  • tagged by sharyn
  • Have tag, will not be bored

    Here I’ve been tagged by Sharyn 5 things found in your bag:– coins– small umbrella– small cloths for wiping spectacle – some papers– pen 5 things found in your wallet:– all sort of cards (not poker cards OK!)– Red notes– Green notes– Blue notes– Receipts 5 favourite things in your room:– BED!– Guitar– Cloths– Computer– […]