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  • Friendship

    In a forest with full of wild animals. There is a lot of monkeys from different kind of species. One day..a monkey met with another monkey which is different species from him. But somehow they shared their foods, talked and laughed all the way. There started a friendship but it doesn’t last long as on […]

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  • Being bugged

    What will you do if you bugged by direct selling ppl? Recently i was called by my friend who is doing direct selling telling me that they want to do a health analysis survey of 1000 people using some sort of machine. Frankly speaking, i don’t really wanted to do it but it because she […]

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  • Want to cast some spell?

    Today, sharyn pass me this link, quite funny. I don’t know how true is that but if you got free time, give it a try. You can cast spell on someone so that she love you, or you can cast spell to get better body shape and u can even cast spell to gain more […]

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  • Holiday

    I suddenly feel the urge to go holiday so much! Lately in the office, the time spend here has been torturing. Every morning came to office, there are several things which had been practice. First thing, check email…hotmail, yahoo, gmail, read blogs, etc.It’s like meaningless. Nothing much to do and the programmers are lousy coz […]

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  • On this big big world

    After 2 months trying, i feel that it is not worth trying anymore. Being sweats like raining and to sacrifice personal quality time, it had makes me gave up. I met with an Indian family guy and he has been nice throughout the demonstration. Just that he demanded more than usually supposed to. I was […]

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  • You gained?

    Lately, i been hearing the same words and sentence. Wow, i almost can’t recognize you…your face err…. Good life ya…can see from your size change… Wow, you really big size now hor…can’t imagine… Really shit liao now…damn…i don’t even notice that i gained so much…i tot is only my tummy coz i been stopping exercise […]