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  • Web Hosting Tips

    Just to share some tips for newbie that wanted to create their own websites. I used to do heavily blogging via blogspot.com and the trend slowly changed. Everyone wants to have their own blog with their own personalised domain. Same with me, I started to source for web hosting. I guess everyone will do the […]

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  • Muscle Tech – Nano Vapor


    Review Decided to give a try of this pre-workout intensifier at gym. It just require a small scoop of greenish power, a formula from incredible hulk perhaps? Direction states that it require 30 minutes for the effect to kick in. But after i drink it, i start running on threadmill. The effect kick in after […]

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  • Cloud Shoes


    Finally after 2 years using Asics Kayano, I decided to try on something else for my running sports. Let me introduce you the Sweden technology CLOUD Shoes! Cloud-Runner model – Priced at SGD269 What is so special about this cloud shoes? Take a look at the ‘clouds’… The clouds give the bouncy effects which save […]

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  • Shine Shine Car Wash @ Seremban S2 Jusco

    Decided to try out this Shine Shine car polish centre at S2 Seremban Jusco. ‘Looks’ professional but end up having a poor service. First thing the guy do is see my car and demo how they are going to polish my car. By using 4 types of chemical which said to help removing water mark, […]

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  • Indoor Sun Tanning

    I had never done indoor sun tanning before. Saw this promotion from Sun Tanning Studio @ $12.90. Decided to check it out!   Upon arrival, you will need to register yourself using a computer provided. Then the sales consultant will explain in detail how this tanning work and showed me the tanning area which looks […]

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  • Repaire

    Found this special tooth paste at local pharmacy. It sounds good, decided to buy it to try. It is stated that it will help to Repair, Rebuild & Revitalize! Since I am getting old, why not give it a try! Good thing is that this is not those traditional squeeze type, you just need to […]

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  • Samsung mobile tracker

    Today explored a new function in my phone. Saw this menu called Mobile Tracker but doesn’t know what it means. Google it and the answer is everywhere.  Well, this software allow you to remotely control your handphone such as locking the phone, delete all data in the phone and even track where the phone are […]