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  • A day with the little man


    Little monster : Papa, what are you doing? Me: i am having dinner Little monster : Why you having dinner? Me: Because i am hungry Little monster: Ok I was flipping my phone while eating and then he say… Little monster: Don’t play hand phone while eating ok? Me: ($&@#%) ….Ok

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  • Angel and the Devil voice


    11pm : Tomorrow I must go jogging! (Set alarm at 6am) 6am : Alarm rang…woke up and look at the sky…. Angel : Is time to jog ! Devil : See carefully, the sky is dark…looks like raining though 6.01am : I think I saw lightning at sky…guess it gonna rain Angel : Just change […]

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  • Padi Open Water License @ Tioman

    Finally i got my license, yeah!!! It was superb, 3 days of diving, one awesome instructor, great foods and of course the beautiful scenery! I had done total of 4 open water dives and a pool training. This course is really eye opener for me, there are lots of new stuff good to know. Now, […]

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  • Invisalign

    I had been thinking to get my teeth re-aligned for some time. Had been feeling that my front teeth moving forward while i am aging…ahh!!! Been goggling and found this Invisalign. It looks good and the best thing is that it is almost invisible. Sounds good huh ? Next, the most important thing, the price. […]

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  • Happy Labour Day!

    This weekend is a good weekend, a long weekend indeed! I spend some good time jogging and picnic at East Coast Park. Just one full lap is enough to get me breathless. Here you can even rent bicycles, trishaw and roller blades. Tomorrow is another holiday! Yahoo!!! Happy Labour Day everyone!

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  • Longwinded

    Have you ever feel the POWER of longwinded? Once in a while I will get harassed by the power of longwinded. Once it gets started, it just can’t stop and it is really hard to stop it. You will never know how. Is like question such as “If your mother and your wife fell into […]