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  • A day with the little man


    Little monster : Papa, what are you doing? Me: i am having dinner Little monster : Why you having dinner? Me: Because i am hungry Little monster: Ok I was flipping my phone while eating and then he say… Little monster: Don’t play hand phone while eating ok? Me: ($&@#%) ….Ok

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  • Untitled

    Oedo-Onsen – a must go japan hotspring ! You get to see many ‘things’ of your own kind in public. You know what I mean ? Naked ! And of course this is a non-mixed gender hot spring. Eye-opening place. You got chance to wear Yukata as well ! They have tatami dining area… Mixed […]

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  • Secret by Jay

    Last saturday was a boring night, so i went for a movie with my sister. Basically i just want to fill my time so i don’t have any specific movie in mind. Upon reaching, the only movie that is not fully booked and on the right time is “Secret” by Jay. It still got lot […]

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  • You gained?

    Lately, i been hearing the same words and sentence. Wow, i almost can’t recognize you…your face err…. Good life ya…can see from your size change… Wow, you really big size now hor…can’t imagine… Really shit liao now…damn…i don’t even notice that i gained so much…i tot is only my tummy coz i been stopping exercise […]

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  • Another year gone…

    Time really flies…and we are now at year 2007. A lot of things were changed and there are some still changing. I can feel it. This year i made a biggest decision or maybe can call it an investment, that i made in my life and i hope that i did not make any mistake. […]

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  • stitched

    Believe it or not i am stitched 13 times in 2 months time. Damn it.Well, i had the first surgery on January and according to doctor, the ‘fats’ pimple like is removed. So, 3 stiches on the chest. Even the doctor can’t explain why such pimples grows on the chest. He said it could happen […]