• IT
  • Web Hosting Tips

    Just to share some tips for newbie that wanted to create their own websites. I used to do heavily blogging via blogspot.com and the trend slowly changed. Everyone wants to have their own blog with their own personalised domain. Same with me, I started to source for web hosting. I guess everyone will do the […]

  • Travel
  • Travel: India – Chennai


    For some reason, I was required to travel to India. I heard a lot stories on how terrible and ugly it can turn out to travel to India. First, you can’t drink the local waters, drink only from trusted bottled mineral water or you run into risk bombing the toilet aka LAU SAI aka Diarrhoea. […]

  • Life
  • A day with the little man


    Little monster : Papa, what are you doing? Me: i am having dinner Little monster : Why you having dinner? Me: Because i am hungry Little monster: Ok I was flipping my phone while eating and then he say… Little monster: Don’t play hand phone while eating ok? Me: ($&@#%) ….Ok

  • Review
  • Muscle Tech – Nano Vapor


    Review Decided to give a try of this pre-workout intensifier at gym. It just require a small scoop of greenish power, a formula from incredible hulk perhaps? Direction states that it require 30 minutes for the effect to kick in. But after i drink it, i start running on threadmill. The effect kick in after […]